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  • "In the summer
    I stretch out on the shore
    And think of you.
    Had I told the Sea
    What I felt for you,
    It would have left its shores,
    Its shells,
    Its fish,
    And followed me."
  • figililly:

    René Magritte:
    The Lovers I & II

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  • I Don’t Want To Go To Sleep Because That Means Letting Go Of This Moment | Lora Mathis (via lora-mathis)
  • "There are too many
    tastes in my mouth.
    I get it.
    You looking away.
    You making a joke out of
    my shaking bottom lip.
    Kissing me is too sour
    too sweet too bitter
    all at once.
    You slip your tongue into my mouth
    run it over my teeth
    and as my arms are clenching up
    and my skin becoming a goose-bumped
    question of anticipation
    you say,
    That’s enough.

    I get it.
    But come here still.
    I want you:
    All at once."